...even if you're A Bit camera shy or new to high-impact videos!
With High-Impact Videos Like This...
Are you struggling to find high ticket Clients (We're talking 4, 5 or even 6-Figure Contracts) To take your business to the next level? 
So, if you're an expert, content creator or coach who wants to become a 'star' or category king or queen in your niche...

...then I want to introduce you to the the S.T.A.R. Producer Method™ for scaling your expert business with high-impact videos.

It's the SAME system I used to get invited to speak on stages with the likes of Gary Vaynerchuck, Brendon Burchard and Shark Tank's Daymond John.

This methodology has also helped us generate 5, 6 and even 7-figure consulting contracts working with Fortune 100 companies to mega-brands such as Robert Kiyosaki, T.Harv Eker and even 'I Am Not Your Guru' Tony Robbins. 

Via Success Resources we ran Tony's digital marketing campaigns and generated over 7-figures in sales for his recent 12,000 person Unleash The Power Within event in London.

Check out all the high profile videos and online campaigns we created for them below as part of our 'Scale with I.M.P.A.C.T.' services.
The S.T.A.R. Producer Method™ Intensive Coaching Program For Scaling Your Expert Business with High-Impact Videos
[Story] + [Technology] + [Awesomeness] + [Relationships] + [Producer] = "S.T.A.R." Business
Discover... how you can quickly create ultra-engaging video content to position yourself as an authority and have STAR (ideal) prospects reaching out to you.

The S.T.A.R. Producer Method represents our 5-step framework covering:

- Story: Strategy, Selling, & Scripting Your High-Impact Videos
- Technology: Frameworks, Automated Funnels & Facebook A.I.
- Awesomeness: Develop STAR Creativity, Camera Presence & Mindset
- Relationships: Core Values, Referrals & The Power of Partnerships
Producer: Producing & Promoting High-Impact Videos & Being Prolific

Let’s start with how to craft your strategic story & STAR script...
The STAR Producer Method in Action...
our Promo Video & Sales Page for
Success Resources'
Gary Vee Live 
in London (2018)
our Promo Video & Sales Page for
Success Resources'
Tony Robbins 
Unleash the Power Within (2019)
our Promo Video for
Success Resources'
T. Harv Eker's Millionaire Mind Intensive Training (2018)
our Promo Video & SALES PAGE for
Success Resources'
Robert Kiyosaki's 
Wealth Masters Tour (2019)
Richard Tan, Co-Founder & CEO
Success Resources
Richard & Veronica Tan, Co-Founders
Success Resources
“Every once in a while I bump into somebody extraordinary. His name is Kean, and you know him from STAR Producer Academy."
TV Infomercial Queen, $2 Billion in Sales
YOUR Strategic Story
Craft Your Brand Story & Write 
Ultra-Engaging Video Scripts
...That Positions You Or Your Clients as The Authority & Celebrity Online
Your Story is your brand message. It's your positioning that differentiates you from your competition. It's a set of words that deeply resonate with your ideal clients and invites them like a siren in your world. It tells people why they should engage your brand and buy from you (your USP.) 

More specifically, we focus on 'Strategic Story Selling'; helping you generate 'The Big Idea' (the hook) AND an 'Irresistible Offer' that will create premium level clients who chase you. 

We break STORY down into three main components:

• Strategy
• Selling
• Scripts

When you align your brand strategy with your key selling points and your video scripts, you talk directly to the heart & mind of your ideal client.  

Strategy is the process of identifying and creating your ideal paying clients; being both relevant, omnipresent and value-focused so you become the natural choice. It's your prospects' journey from being cold & unaware of your brand to getting hot & eager to do business with you.

Selling refers to understanding what truly motivates people to buy from you. It's about getting in the mind of your ideal client to empathize with them. That way, you will deeply understand their pain & frustration.

Then you craft your selling points to reflect how your unique & proven solution takes their pain away, leading them to success.
Scripts are the heart of your high-impact video content. It's about wordsmithing what to say on camera and in your online sales funnels to hook your ideal prospect and move them into action.

Use the G.R.E.A.T. Formula to script your high-impct videos:
G - Grab their attention, R - Relate to people 's problems/pains,  E - Excite, Entertain & Educate, A - Include a Call to ACTION in the end, T - Include testimonials or show proof to support your irresistible offer.
“After launching our first Facebook campaign with Kean, within a few hours I was getting highly qualified leads for about US$6…people wanting me to source properties up to $1.7m in value for them.”
Set Up Your Automated 'STAR Infomercial Funnel' to 
Generate Uber Targeted Leads on Demand
...who will happily pay you premium prices! 
Technology is about creating a tangible marketing system that runs on autopilot. It's how you materialize your strategy from theory to results (aka a calendar flooded with leads.) And you only talk with the good leads. You stop wasting time & energy on "tyre-kickers" because the "Technology" filters them out.

When you connect the dots between Facebook ads, landing pages, appointment scheduling systems and automatic follow ups (with text & email reminders), you'll have a  RELIABLE LEAD GENERATION MACHINE that works with the click of a button. 

These are the 3 aspects of Technology we're talking about:

- Frameworks
- Funnels
- & Facebook A.I.

Frameworks are your I.P. It's about your unique solution to your prospects problem (aka your signature method.) It's the step-by-step process of taking your client from point A to point B leading them to the result they want. 

Funnels refers to the automated system that converts visitors into booked appointments in your calendar. It's your tireless, 24-hour, front-house salesman that magnetizes your ideal prospects, while screening out the rest.
Facebook is the pinnacle of today's online advertising. Your next big client is probably hanging out on Facebook every single day.

The secret to make Facebook ads work wonders for you is RETARGETING. When you use it properly (and 'pixel' everything correctly), you appear over & over on people's newsfeed at the right time with relevant content. Your prospect might be 1-3 months away from buying. Retargeting allows you to stay top of mind until they are ready.
“He shared his high-impact video formula & we absolutely crushed it...
a 6-figure weekend! And we generated a 6-figure client working with Kean.”
Captivate Your Audience &
Elevate Yourself to Celebrity Status
...to cement your name in the minds of your ideal clients who will come to you ready for business
Awesomeness is the secret sauce of the top online experts. It's about your presence and your ability to let your personality shine through the lens of the camera, creating an instant connection with your audience. 

There are 3 parts to accessing your awesomeness:

- Mindset
- Creativity
- Presence

Mindset refers to eliminating any limiting beliefs that might keeping you from shining. Most people get self-conscious on camera. This blocks their charisma and makes their videos dull & uninteresting. If you feel uncomfortable talking on camera, you can totally turn this around by changing the way you think about it. 

Creativity is about using your memory and imagination to produce innovative ideas. The truth is... originality is not necessarily what makes high-quality content. It's usually innovation that makes waves. 

As they say "there's nothing new under the sun". The key is combining and remixing already successful ideas into something new, giving your own unique perspective and personality.  
Presence is your overall energy and confidence when presenting on camera. It's the way you use your hands, how you move your body, your facial expressions, and of course your attitude.

Being on camera doesn't come easy for most people. But with the right guidance and a bit of practice, it's actually not that hard. In fact, with our proprietary processes, we can make pretty much anyone look like a 'STAR' in just a few hours of direct guidance...and on any live shoot we produce.
“I’ve been doing video for a while, but nothing like this that will take our brand and business to the next level. Integrating high-impact videos with Facebook advertising is the future…”
Cultivate a Heart-to-Heart Connection with the Most Important People in your Business... 
...to achieve the ‘Big Fish in Little Pond’ effect that yields higher profits. 
R.I.C.H. Relationships is about cultivating a heart-to-heart connection with your audience, your clients and your partners. Having rich, healthy relationships will help you achieve your business goals 10x faster than if you don't.

We focus on 3 key aspects of R.I.C.H. relationships:

- Core values
- Referrals
- Partnerships

Core values are the things you stand for. They are the guidelines on which you base your decisions. Your core values are also what attracts the right people in your business - those who share the same values and beliefs.

Referrals are the best prospects, because they usually come recommended by their friends and trusted advisors... folks who have had an amazing experience with your service. There's virtually no selling involved when clients come ready to buy. 

Mastering video production is a key element of systematizing & scaling your referral-building process. And when you combine video production with the power of retargeting on Facebook, you achieve the ‘Big Fish in Little Pond’ effect that yields higher profits. 
Partnerships are what helps you achieve your goals exponentially faster & easier. There're many variables that affect business success. And it's very hard to have all the necessary skills to pull it off on your own. Besides, there's only 24 hours in a day. So, it makes sense to partner with people who compliment your abilities and/or who already have access and the relationships with your ideal customers.
“The S.T.A.R. Producer Method can take any newbie to being on camera like I was…to looking like a Rock STAR in your industry!”
Create Awe-Inspiring, High-Impact Videos For Yourself Or Your Clients to Help Them Reach Thought-Leadership Status
...without the tech overwhelm or work overload
Producer means creating high-quality video content without friction. You don't have to do the videography, editing, sound processing, design or anything else techie on your own. You can use talented professionals to do this work for you - you just need to know how to hire the right ones! And when you know where to look, you can get their services for a fraction of the costs normally associated with high-impact video production.
It has 3 components:

- Producing High-Impact Videos
- Promoting 
- Prolific

Producing High-Impact Videos shouldn't make you anxious. It's much easier than what you probably think. You just need to play the role of...you guessed it 'producer' - where you're hiring the videographer, editor etc. When you understand what potentially makes a video go viral or the proper frameworks for creating direct-response high-impact videos, you can direct your techies to make it AWE-INSPIRING.

Promoting your videos is as important as creating them. The videos are no good if no one watches them. Our industry is littered with the creative types who are often clueless about distribution in the world of social media or the importance of combining branding and direct-response marketing.

Fortunately, Facebook A.I. is on your side. With a relatively small budget, you can get your videos in front of your ideal prospects every single day by re-targeting them...and knowing when you should have call to actions.
Prolific is a state of abundant & consistent creation. The top producers are constantly creating content and share it with their audience.  We're not saying you need to become a 'Gary-Vee' or Youtube Star.

But you do need to generate the right type of content (optimized for Youtube, Facebook or Instagram) and an optimal number of videos ...depending on the campaign. We're talking prolific - so not just dozens of videos but in some cases, a hundred plus...(and how you can do it in just a weekend.)

And you need SYSTEMS in place to be able to be prolific. By giving valuable info to people -including personal stories, your beliefs & ideas, testimonials from past clients etc. - you'll stay "top of mind" and reach the authority status in their minds.
How to Become a Local Celebrity and 
Get Your Ideal Client Chasing You For Business

When you achieve the S.T.A.R. Effect in your business, you stop wasting time with unqualified leads. Your video content (it's the 'celebrity effect') does the hard work for you…

…building your authority and keeping you top-of-mind ‘till your prospects are ready...

...and importantly, you stop competing like a commodity. You elevate your brand as a unique value-based solution to your ideal clients problem or desire, which makes price irrelevant.
"I’ve met Kean recently, and every dealing with him has been incredible. He’s an amazing guy, and he’s helped me a lot to get the word out here in New York about what I’m doing."

Top Facebook Marketer, Over $1.45 Billion in Sales
“Go watch my original ‘brand’ video – no music, poor lighting… and you could tell I was nervous! Now see the difference! And after 2 weeks of launching this video, we generated a 6k client spending only a few hundred dollars on Facebook.”

Manuel Fabriquer
Author & College Planning Expert
Are You Ready To Shine?
When you bring all the elements of the S.T.A.R. Producer Method together, this is what happens: 

1) You talk only to those who are ready to do business with you. No more cold calling, no more door-knocking, no more difficult phone conversions & distressing follow ups with unqualified leads. The technology does the hard work for you: scales your marketing, reaches the right people over & over again, screens and guides them step-by-step to grab their phones and call you as soon as they decide to buy or sell.

2) You become an online celebrity in your niche. You grow an engaged audience who think of you as the authority. Plus, you increase your social proof and attract all sort of opportunities like media interviews, partnerships, and local influencers. That by itself can exponentially increase your earning ability. Importantly, you establish yourself long-term, making your future business easier because of your ever increasing reputation & publicity.

3) You have a lifestyle-friendly business so you can pursue other important things in life as well. With a system that automates your marketing, you have more time for yourself, your family, and the fun & purposeful projects.
Most experts are working too hard and having too little impact. They put their time & energy on short-term strategies that get them poor results. The worst thing is you need to deploy those strategies manually every single month. It doesn’t make sense.

Wouldn’t it be better to setup an automated system that works 24/7 for you, and builds your reputation for short & long-term success? This is the power of high-impact videos, automated funnels, and Facebook retargeting.
How to Become a STAR in Your Industry
"Kean’s a total marketing powerhouse. So if you’re looking to climb 
that ‘Mount Everest of online marketing’, just connect with him!"
World-Renowned Speaker, 
Author & Coach
When you implement the S.T.A.R. Producer Method, a whole new world opens 
for you & your business. Easier sales, more clients, less stress.
“This was the first time I had done such a video production. I was a little nervous initially but what an incredible experience. Our whole team are super excited about the results!”

“I’ve been doing video for a while, but nothing like this that will take our brand and business to the next level. Integrating high-impact videos with Facebook advertising is the future…”
“Every once in a while I bump into somebody extraordinary… his name is Kean and you know him from STAR Producer Academy.”

When you commit to bringing Story, Technology, Awesomeness, Relationships, and being a 'STAR' Producer into your business, you will create massive results...
...which enables you to have more freedom in your business and life, because you focus on the activities that create the most value. 
Now, if you want to see the STAR Effect in your business…

...so you can become a thought-leader in your niche

...close more deals talking only to people who are close to the buying decision

...and get out of the daily grind to instead focus on a few, high-leverage activities...

...then I want to help you implement the S.T.A.R. Method in your business!
There Are 3 Types of Experts that We Work With:
Those who are currently making US$5k-$10k /mth & want coaching to scale up their brands & businesses using high-impact videos
Those who want to leverage high-impact videos for themselves and/or for their clients to become online authorities in their niche.
Those who are making high 7-10+ figures a year & want 'done-for-you' help to share their stories and make a greater impact in the world.
Ready to implement our S.T.A.R. Producer Method in your business? We’ll provide all the support you need to master high-impact video marketing: 1-on-1 strategy sessions with Kean, hot seating during our mastermind meetings, and Q&A calls...

Or if you're interested in our 'Done-For-You' SCALE WITH IMPACT services (fully customized) we can do all the heavy lifting for you.  We can fully script, shoot and produce your content/brand videos, build your funnels and manage all your online campaigns etc.

Check out our full framework below!
When You Join STAR Producer Method Program, You Also Get FREE Access to our STAR Producer Mastery Online Video Course
The most comprehensive video marketing system to help you position yourself as an expert in your niche, get a flood of leads from Facebook for your business (or your clients), and close more high-ticket sales.
So If You Want To Explore How You Can Implement The S.T.A.R Producer Method With Our Help...
...then apply here for a 30-minute call, to see if you’re a fit for one of our accelerated mentorship programs or done-for-you services.
Brand Video for Survive & Thrive 2017
(Kean Was 1 of 4 Original Co-Founders)
Brand Video for Mei Tan
Founder & CEO, Scoopoint Incubator
Brand Video for Brian Kutayiah
Top Allstate Agent (Ranked 16th of 14,000)
Brand Video for David Cinelli
Toronto Real Estate Investor/Agent
Testimonial from Sheridan Genrich
Naturopathic Healer & Wellness Coach
Testimonial from Anastasia Lin
Miss World Canada '16, Actress & Speaker
About Kean Wong
Kean Wong is a New York based award-winning film producer, TV host/speaker, and strategic coach and marketing consultant to social media stars and visionary entrepreneurs. He's worked with the top mega-brands in the expert space including the likes of Robert Kiyosaki, T. Harv Eker and Tony Robbins. 

He’s also one of four co-founders of the inaugural 3-day bootcamp SurviveAndThriveToday.com for mission-driven entrepreneurs. Headlining the first event was Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington, billionaire Jesse Itzler (owner of the Atlanta Hawks) and Susie Carder of Motivating the Masses.

An online star himself, Kean’s videos have generated over 50,000,000 views on YouTube alone and he's helped clients generate video views in the billions. His passion is helping other mission-driven entrepreneurs become ‘STAR’ presenters and top producers in their industry, so they can share their message with millions while creating a lifestyle-friendly business.

Kean has produced and hosted a variety of shows, including “The New Millionaire”, and was the lead male anchor for NTD’s China News and Asia Brief from 2006 to 2010. He has interviewed in person the likes of Dr. John Gray, Robert Kiyosaki, Michael Gerber, Dr. Ellie Drake, and other best-selling authors and social entrepreneurs. 

A self-proclaimed “Freedom Fighting Foodie”, from 2010 onward he has been the main host of NTD’s International Chinese Culinary Competition and Taste Asia event held annually in Times Square.

Kean’s latest film, “Free China: The Courage to Believe” was an Oscar Contender for Best Documentary in 2014 and won 11 international film and music awards.

Kean and his film have been featured in the NY Times, LA Times, Huffington Post, NBC New York, CBS News, The New American, IndieWIRE, and most recently at a TEDx talk.

Stay tuned for his new show 'RichLife.tv' which will be distributed via a network of over 100 million fans on Facebook and Youtube!
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